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The need of employee screening services for companies is more crucial now more than ever! Organizations looking for effective and efficient screening solutions to incorporate into their hiring processes cannot afford to lose any time dealing with the delays that have become the norm.

Our Digital Fingerprinting service can help in such situations, streamlining the initial FBI checks by getting the potential candidate’s fingerprints scanned and analyzed electronically. Results are efficiently routed back to you through our state of the art reporting system, cutting down on the time expended on such screening efforts by a huge degree. 

Intelligent Hiring Decisions

An exhaustive background check on your new hires has become an essential part of recruitment for companies around the globe. This ensures confidence that you’re hiring the right people, and mitigates the risks of future disruptions in the firm. Digital fingerprinting makes it easy to efficiently perform criminal record checks on potential employees. Once fingerprints are scanned, we run them through all major criminal record databases, guaranteeing a 100% match if a record on the candidate is found. A final report is compiled which includes all the results, and is delivered to you in a ready-to-use format for intelligent hiring decisions.

What You Get?

With digital fingerprinting, one can get all the benefits associated with the conventional fingerprinting solutions, albeit at a much speedier pace. The service is integrated with our extensive background checks, and can be ordered through our portal without any scheduling delays. Acting as the client’s agent, we conduct all channeling efforts through the FBI that are required to get results on fingerprints after analysis. All dedicated equipment and facilities needed for the service our provided by us, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

Consistency and Accuracy

Accurate Background Check provides unrivaled levels of consistency and accuracy when it comes to digital fingerprinting solutions for corporate customers. Using advanced equipment and technologies, screening checks through digital fingerprinting have been made accurate to the maximum possible degree, leaving no room at all for mistakes or foul ups. Providing services in the industry for years, we have built a stellar reputation for consistently delivering exactly what our customers desire. In such a sensitive arena, organizations need to have the right information at a moment’s notice, which is precisely what we specialize in.


Our digital fingerprinting service is flexible and can thus be customized and modified as per an organization’s specific needs. The customization facility is available for the entire procedure, whether it is the way fingerprints are scanned and analyzed, or the way reports are generated and information is reported, our flexible way of doing business ensure that every aspect of our digital fingerprinting service can be tailored according to your specific needs and criteria.


We understand the need of organization’s for timely processes, and have therefore set up a foolproof system to make sure that you get the results without delay. Measures have been put in place to counter time loss due to unforeseen events, making certain that you get accurate results on time.

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