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Did you know that nearly one in 5 applicants have a major lie or discrepancy in their job application and/or interview?

Fraud and unacceptable conduct is on the rise within organizations, and the primary source of all such issues is the absence of proper background checks on candidates before hiring. Rising awareness of such issues has now led to organizations paying attention to the need of extensive background checks, particularly for positions that require a high level of trust and reliability.

At Accurate Background Checks, we offer comprehensive investigative services, making it easier for employers to be certain of what they are getting into when evaluating a potential candidate. Maybe you think the candidate you just interviewed would be perfectly suited for a particular position in your organization, and then the same employee, once hired, is caught being involved in an embezzlement scheme within the company. Civil and criminal record checks and investigations reduce the chance of such an occurrence down to a bare minimum and are thus highly advisable for organizations of any size.

Civil and criminal record checks and investigations are one of the most demanded services at Accurate Background Checks, and we specialize in conducting such investigations with thoroughness, exhausting all possible options while doing so.

Criminal Record Checks

This category of checks has reached an almost mandatory status within most reputable organizations; no one wants an employee who has a criminal record working in their organization. The issue is, in-depth records of such nature are not freely available for acquisition, which is precisely why Accurate Background Checks offers their services in this regard. We have setup channels which enable us to check criminal record checks of any citizen. If need be, FBI clearance can also be attained and the needed results can be obtained through the Bureau’s database.

Civil Record Checks

Civil record checks are a critical part of pre-employment screening and background checks, since all offenses that are not considered criminal in nature are handled by the civil authorities. This means that, even if a criminal record check is conducted, many offenses which might be cause for objection will not be identified, necessitating the need for separate civil record checks. These records are stored at a federal level, access to which is possible provided that you have hired the right service to conduct background checks. Accurate Background Checks has been operating in the industry since 1999, and is able to obtain all such information with ease.

Investigative Services

Companies which are hunting for incumbents for the top level managements often opt for our investigative services, not being fully satisfied with just civil and criminal record checks. Our investigative teams work around the clock in order to delve into the candidate’s past and present and unearth and evidence that might point towards unacceptable conduct or tendencies which might lead to the person not being the right fit for the organization’s strategic objectives. Both civil and criminal investigative services are offered by Accurate Background Checks.

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